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  • Information on use of conference room (conference room for rent)

    Thank you very much for your continued support to J Hotel Rinku every day.

    We have been paused for a while, we will restart the multipurpose room as "Rental conference room" from June,
    We revised the usage time etc of the fee structure.

    Chubu Centrair International Airport conference room conveniently located one station from the Chubu Centrair International Airport can be used for business and culture.

Conference layout

Details about conference room use

About using conference room

  • ■ Requests for using (Please be sure to read)
  • 1, About usage time
    ①. The use time is between 9:00 and 18:00.
    ②. As for the use time, including time to set up, including time to set up, it is time to leave all customers including withdrawal etc from the time you first enter the room.
    ③ As regards extension of use time, it may not be possible to respond to excess of usage time in relation to next hall use time.

    2, About what you can not use
    ① You can not offer food or drink.
    ② You can not use it for gatherings where loud noises etc. occur.
    ③. Staff will not stay at the venue so we may not be able to respond to the request of the day.
    ④. Regarding venue layout, we can not respond to changes etc on the day other than the layout you instructed at the time of meeting.
    ⑤. We apologize for the floor of the conference room (2nd floor) so please note that it is completely non-smoking.
    ⑥. We can not keep deposits etc for a long period of time.

    3, About application and payment
    ①. For reservations, we will make it up to 6 months ahead including the application month.
    ②. As for payment, I will consider it as cash in principle.

    Four, About parking lot usage
    ①. As for parking lot, there is no substitute parking lot in the case of a full car, so please understand in advance.
    ②. As for the parking fee, we will charge the conference room usage time plus 30 minutes for free, but we ask for your cooperation such as cooperation.
  • ■ Meeting room terms of service
  • Regarding the use of the multipurpose room in our hotel, we appreciate your understanding beforehand as we have determined as follows.

    1, About usage time and additional charge
    Please be advised that the use of the meeting room will be closed within the time we made a meeting with the hotel staff in advance, including withdrawal from the establishment.If the contracted time is exceeded, additional room fee will be charged.However, we may not be able to respond to excess of usage time in connection with the next venue use time, so please understand in advance.

    2, About breakage of facilities, furniture and fixtures
    Customers are advised to be careful not to damage or damage the facilities, fixtures, fixtures, etc. of the hotel.In the event of breakage or damage, please repair promptly as instructed from the hotel or pay damages for damages.

    3, About cancellation of application
    (1) If you decide to cancel the application due to the circumstances of the customer, you will be charged a cancellation fee as shown below.
  • (2) The hotel refuses to apply for the meeting etc. in the following cases, or if you have already applied, you will cancel the contract.In this case, payment of money, such as compensation for damages due to cancellation will not be accepted.
    ① When the hotel judges that attendees of the conference including customers will be subject to laws and ordinances, acts contrary to public order and morals.
    ② When a burden beyond a reasonable range is requested for meetings etc.
    ③. When the venue can not be used due to natural calamities or other unavoidable circumstances.
    ④ When the hotel judges that there is a person falling under any of the following reasons in the applicant and attendees (including organizers and staff members and others)
    A. Boryokudans, organized crime groups, organizations involved in organized crime groups, stakeholders, and other antisocial forces (hereinafter referred to as "gangsters").
    B. Corporations and other organizations where organized crime groups and others control business activities.
    C. When a corporation has someone who is a gangster group etc among its officers.
    ⑤ When you violate the matters specified in this Terms of Service.

    Four, Prohibited matter
    Regarding the following items, please refrain from being a prohibited matter so please refrain.①. Bring dogs, cats, birds and other pets excluding guide dogs, assisting dogs, hearing dogs.
    ② Acquisition and use of hazardous materials or inflammable articles, toxic gases, hazardous materials such as pathogens and substances that have serious effects on the human body.
    ③ Bringing odors and objects that emit offensive odors.
    ④. Betting, etc. Behavior that disturbs the morning or other inconvenience to other customers.
    ⑤. Movement of goods owned by the hotel.
    ⑥ Uses other than the use purpose of the venue at the time of reservation.
    ⑦ Bringing in foods and drinks.
    ⑧ Other acts prohibited by laws and regulations.