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Cafe & Dining Washow Information

  • Marutto Strawberry Parfait 1400 yen excluding tax

    Strawberry parfait with plenty of local strawberries
    Enjoy the sweet and sour spring scented parfait.

    Cafe & Dining Washow business hours change Cafe & Dining Washow
    Normal business hours are from 6:30 to 21:30 until 17:00 for the time being.
  • Lunch box for takeout

    Cafe & Dining Washow time being, Cafe & Dining Washow will close at 21:30 and close at 17:00.
    During the period, we offer lunch boxes for takeout at 20% off the regular price.
    Steak lunch 1300 yen ⇒ 1040 yen tax excluded
    Miso tonkatsu lunch 1100 yen ⇒880 yen tax not included
    Seafood mix fry lunch 1100 yen ⇒ 880 yen tax not included
    Reservation is accepted at 19:30 and delivery time at the store is until 20:00.

    Cafe & Dining Washow


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Hotel Name

J Hotel Rinku


3-2-1 Rinku Town, Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture

Telephone number



About 10 minutes by car from Chubu Centrair International Airport (Rinku IC), 45 minutes by Meitetsu Airport Line from Nagoya, 1 minute walk from Rinku Tokoname Station
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【GOTO Travel Campaign】For customers who make reservations from the hotel website

  • About GOTO discount from accommodation plan reservation

    If you make a reservation directly from the hotel homepage and use the Goto campaign, you need to apply for a discount on the Goto campaign from STAYNAVI, which is a third party after making the reservation.(If you are new, you will need to register as a member)
    If you are staying using the Goto campaign from the official website, please be sure to apply at the local settlement.
    For applications from online travel sites such as Jalan and Rakuten, please follow the guide on each site.
    For the link to our facility of STAYNAVI, please click the logo of the Goto campaign in the link collection at the bottom.

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